Vashon Island Washington Real Estate, Vashon Island Area, and Community Information

Vashon Island is located in King County, Washington. It is the largest island in Puget Sound. The 2014 year-round population of the island is 11,000 residents. There are no bridges connecting the island to the mainland and that accounts for the rural character and isolation of the area. There is ferry service available to get back and forth from the island to the mainland. For anyone seeking to live on the island, they will find Vashon Island properties very attractive.

The island is mostly residential in character and most residents commute to Tacoma and Seattle for employment. The largest employer on the island is Pacific Research Laboratories. The economy was driven at one time by agriculture, primarily fruit orchards, and strawberry farms. Most of the larger farms have been replaced with housing, but a few small farms still operate on the island.

School children are served by the Vashon Island School District. There is one elementary, middle and high school to educate children from Pre-K through grade 12. Vashon Island High School has been the recipient of the Blue Ribbon award and a Learning Distinction award. Parents rate the school system highly, and that helps Vashon Island WA real estate appealing to families with school children.

Homes for sale in Vashon Island includes single and multi-family homes in residential neighborhoods and along the waterfront. Prices of homes vary widely, but residents are sure to find just the right home.

Residents are always advised to consult a Vashon Island real estate agent while seeking real estate in Vashon Island. A Vashon Island realtor will know the best places to live to meet home buying criteria.


The island was named for James Vashon of the Royal Navy in 1792. He was a friend of explorer George Vancouver who discovered the island. For a long time, the area was agriculture based. There were expansive farms and fruit orchards, as well as many strawberry fields. As more residents moved to the area, farms were turned into residential developments. Today, the Island has the charm of a rural community that is well kept. Residents that wish to rent rather than buy will find a variety of Vashon Island real estate for lease.

Parks and Recreation

Vashon is home to four recreational areas, and the amenities include sports fields, walking and hiking trails, skateboard and inline skating areas, Disk Golf, BMX trails, boat rentals and picnic areas. There are also several guests’ houses and retreats available for rent and are ideal for a weeklong or weekend getaway. Active families will appreciate the recreational opportunities on the island, and that is important for the Vashon Island home buyer.

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Attractions and Activities

The island is a happening place with a variety of activities for every member of the family. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy bicycling and kayaking, golf and hiking, as well as bird watching. Vashon Island WA homes are attractive to families who like to take advantage of what the area has to offer.

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Perspective residents looking for Vashon Island homes for sale will reveal in the events that take place on the Island. Vashon is also home to a number of events that are sure to delight everyone both young and old. One of the most popular events is the annual Strawberry Festival held each year to pay homage to the many strawberry fields that were once the mainstay of the area. Other events include holiday celebrations, charitable events, concerts and seasonal celebrations.

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Connie Sorensen
Connie Sorensen